Corporate Magic

It is really important for corporations that their corporate profile and products are somehow incorporated into the performance. My unique performances are perfectly capable for this purpuse during which, based on the previous arrangements, I create those effects that represent the client according to their previous needs. I have represented several companies on conferences, trade shows, road shows and I always tried to urge the creation of magic effects related to the company.

During my professional career I have participated in teambuilding trainings where I taught magic tricks for employees, and organized the performance and assessment of these similar to a competition, which is perfectly capable of developing communication skills. If you are organizing an developmental training for your employees, I will gladly participate in the development of the concept.

It is a possible extraordinary event on your programme, if a prominent participant is made to appear on stage with the help of magic. The impact is never absent, and it is always a lively part of the whole programme that can be recalled for a long time by the guests.