Close up

Events where staged type of performances are not manageable due to the lack of space or where is no time for a seperate programme but there is a high demand for a special show. Micro magic is the perfect choice, in other names close-up which offers unbound jugglery for the guests throughout the show by walking among the tables. The tools have small sizes (cards, coins, rubber ring, string etc.) I contact the guest in an informal way, making sure that everybody is involved in the magic shows.

Main features that are essential to know about your show:

  • Problem free performance, hence there is no need for technical equipments
  • Comes up in many languages therefore each and every group get the performance in the most understandable language
  • Flexible show time (You decide the time scale of the show and the number of guests you would like to approach with the performance)
  • Direct experience for your guests because everybody can enjoy the show from a very close distance
  • The show can be shown parallel with other programme elements (welcome drink, dinner, live music)