The anchorman takes the central part of the event, his personality is always in the limelight. He communicates the most important information between the procurer and the guests. He is the link between the performers and the audience and at the same time he needs to coordinate the show.

The main tasks of the anchorman:

  • Announcement
  • Presentation of performers and programmes
  • Presentation of the scedule of the event
  • Conduct raffle, award ceremony, speeches
  • Filling the empty slots with own performances

During my career as a magician for more than two decades, I have been asked to be a presenter at different events, conduct raffles, award winning ceremonies. The main aspect why you should choose me to be your anchorman is because I will light up the whole presentation with short magic shows and if needed, I can make a seperate show to help you to contribute to the success of the event. With my knowledge of English, German and Spanish, I can talk to the international audience as well.