Stand up

If you want to make sure that your guests have fun, laugh a lot but at the same time they attend a spectacular, inscrutable, mystic performance, order my stand up magic show which has become extremely popular over the years. The production mixes the genre advantages of stand up comedy and magic that makes the event memorable. The main component of the show contains a lot of humour, as well as scenic illusion performances because many magic specimens are shown.

Main features that are essential to know about your show:

  • It is suitable for all kinds of events ( corporative dinners, product launch, business meetings, balls, weddings, private events)
  • Small space demand (2x2 meters space would be eligible)
  • Flexible show time (You decide the length of the show .)
  • Lots of humour (Only in a civilized way, avoiding vulgar and political jokes.)
  • Spectacular, mystic ( Magic shows are mysterious and entertaining for everybody.)
  • Interactivity ( Your guests participate in the show, pictures and videos might be taken providing perfect memories.)
  • Music and speaking at the same time (The performer makes contact with the audience and the music specimen creates the atmosphere.)
  • Brand-show (The product of your company, logo, quote of the event can appear in the show)
  • Variable based on the number of guests ( Perfect choice for meetings of 20-30 persons, as well as to ball events of 500-600 people because the show can be modified based on the number of the audience.)